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August 30, 2017

It’s hard to believe the summer is almost gone and the academic year is starting. It was great to see such a strong LTER presence at the ESA Meetings—with a synthesis symposium, an urban LTER symposium, and over 150 talks and posters from across the Network.

The NCO has several important updates to share with the LTER community and site leadership teams that should not wait until the next scheduled News from the LTER-NCO.

LTER All Scientists’ Meeting

At the Network Communications Office, we’ve been working behind the scenes to confirm a date, location, and funding for the 2018 All-Scientists’ Meeting, which will be held:

September 30-October 4, 2018
Asilomar Conference Grounds, Pacific Grove, California

This is a change to the date I announced earlier in the News from the LTER-NCO newsletter. My sincere apologies to those who may have made plans based on the earlier date.

We will be able to fund travel, lodging, and registration for up to 7 people per LTER site, with an emphasis on early-career and under-represented researchers, plus information and education managers. I’ll be contacting Site PI’s later this fall to ask for your list. Meanwhile, please note the dates on your calendars and start brainstorming ideas for talks, synthesis groups, and workshops. We only get to gather the Network every 3 years; let’s make the most of it! If you have ideas for top-notch plenary speakers, please contact Marty Downs or Frank Davis until the planning committee is fully assembled.

New LTER logo

Logos redesigns can be difficult. It’s extraordinarily hard to capture the essence of an organization (particularly one as diverse as the LTER Network) in a single image, but it was time for an update. Working with a professional design team, the Network Communications Office developed several options for the LTER Executive Board to consider and also sought input from across the LTER community. We received over 280 responses to our survey, many with thoughtful and insightful comments.

In the end, we didn’t choose any one of the logos offered in the survey. Rather, we tried to incorporate the intent of the most frequent types of response. The LTER community wanted a logo that felt as warm and inviting as we try to be; that incorporated elements of both science and time; that said ecological research, not technological research…and that had a certain individuality and uniqueness.

The new LTER Network logo—as approved by the LTER executive board and NSF—is shown below. We truly appreciate all the thoughtful and constructive input from the Network. The NCO will begin incorporating it into materials and web sites gradually, with the major shift happening later this fall.

LTER logo 2017

Open Positions

Several key positions are opening up around the Network. Please circulate these announcements to qualified candidates:

To learn about LTER Network-related job openings as they arise, email downs@nceas.ucsb requesting to join or visit our opportunities page.

Conferences and Special Issues

The Fall Meeting of the American Geosciences Union will be 11-15 December, 2017 in New Orleans.

The LTER Network Communications Office is gathering a listing of talks and papers, so please include LTER or Long-Term Ecological Research in your affiliation or abstract if at all possible. We’re also working with NSF Public Affairs to bring media attention to some of our most newsworthy stories. To give us a heads-up about your newsworthy paper, contact


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