Synthesis Working Groups promote analysis and synthesis of LTER data. 

In general, Synthesis Working Group proposals must include the analysis and synthesis of LTER data from two or more sites, and may include data from other sources as well. Anyone can take advantage of this opportunity to collaborate across the network, but Working Group members should include one or more LTER researchers who are familiar with the LTER sites and the data that will be used in the analysis.

The Project Selection Committee is most interested in proposals anticipated to return high impact results in the core LTER areas, including the five original themes (primary production, population studies, organic matter dynamics, mineral cycling, disturbance patterns and processes) as well as the urban LTER themes of land use change and human-environment  interactions. Innovative proposals in other areas will also be considered.

Past calls for proposals are available on the LTER Call for Proposals page. Descriptions of current working groups are available on the NCEAS and under the “research” tab on the LTER Network web site.

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