So many great things are happening across the LTER Network! We would love to be able to cover every one of them. But it’s not possible to be everywhere at once.

The NCO focuses primarily on topics and activities that require a network-level presence. Specifically, the NCO:

  • leads communications efforts when¬†announcing the outcome of synthesis activities
  • amplifies the voice of site-based communicators for a national audience
  • represents the Network at scientific meetings and in partnerships with other national organizations
  • maintains a network-level web and social media presence
  • coordinates network-wide training and publicity events

Site-based communicators lead the communications effort when announcing results and programs at their sites.

The LTER Network has built an amazing community of educators, science communicators, and data management professionals over the past 30 years. By supporting, sharing, and elevating each other’s work, we can do even more in the future.