LTER synthesis working groups are awarded through a competitive proposal process and many take place at NCEAS in Santa Barbara. In addition to supporting working groups and other collaborations, the NCO also makes occasional travel awards. Information on this page provides the most frequently needed resources and answers basic questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact NCO staff if you don’t find the answers you need here.

Facilities: LTER working groups are hosted primarily at NCEAS, which is located in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara, near a wide variety of hotels and restaurants. NCEAS hosts several well-equipped meeting rooms and offers computing and administrative support.  Learn more.

Computing: NCEAS staff have deep experience in supporting and facilitating data-intensive collaborations. From shared server spaces to archived e-mail lists to videoconferencing, the computing staff is eager to help you find the technological solutions to your data and collaboration challenges. Learn more.

Travel: When traveling on an NCO-funded award, you will receive a direct link to the Santa Barbara Travel Agency to make airline reservations that are direct-paid by the NCO. When considering flights into Santa Barbara, make note that the Santa Barbara Airbus offers a convenient alternative to expensive and infrequent flights from LAX to Santa Barbara.

Reimbursements: Use this reimbursement form to submit for food and miscellaneous expenses in addition to airfare. Please fill in, print, and sign the form and submit—with original signature—within 15 days of working group completion.

  • We need original receipts for all expenses except meals; meal per diem is $55/day; please list your actual meal expenses (or estimate to the best of your ability).
  • Send completed forms to: LTER Travel Coordinator, 735 State Street, Suite 300, Santa Barbara, CA 93101-5504

IMPORTANT: Working group participants who are not United States citizens must complete and submit documentation before leaving NCEAS in order to receive travel reimbursements.